In this internet age, in which people are oversaturated in every way, we want to bring the art of visual illusion combined with installation to the st

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B*A*M Beautiful & Massive – The new Annuluk album
Release on: 24.06.2016
Label: Kick the Flame publishing &
Distribution: Broken Silence

Michaela Holubova: Lead Vocal & Composition
Roberto Fratta: Pecussion, Ngoni, Electronics & Composition
Alex Cerb: Electronics & Composition
Dave Sills: Cello & Keys
Charles Mathieu: Sound
Monarch Ohne: Installation
Aero: Mapping

The Show

An 8 meter tall stage installation was especially built for us in the form of a crystal by sculptor/graffitti and design artist, Monarch ohne (Sven Morawietz) and will be mapped live in concert using several high quality projectors with especially selected videos by the visual artist AERO (Robert Steinbrecht)

At the 24. Juny 2016 a Global Pop, Electro World Beat-Release is coming in its most modern form. The new album from Annuluk combines analogue instruments from diverse cultures with electronic music and so generates an exciting musical journey to a gripping world of sound in which stylistic fragments melt into one-another, forming many-layered, powerful music. The new album was recorded and mixed by the French team of Roy de Rats in Leipzig. Jürgen Schröder (also editor of Stereoplay and Low Beat magazines) is taking on the mastering. We worked well with them both already on the production of “MalaM”.

About B*A*M - Beautiful And Massive

It is hard to think of a more fitting title for the new album from Annuluk. While on both of their previous albums, complex rhythms are artistically and harmoniously crafted in a world music setting with splashes of electronic sounds here and there, Annuluk really pumps it up this time round with B*A*M. The backbone of the new album forms breathtaking, screwy as well as really edgy driving drum grooves, accompanied by deep smouldering synthi-bass worthy of even the most hardcore dubstep tracks.

The Band

The core of Annuluk is made up of the charismatic singer Michaela Holubova aka Miša together with the multi-instrumentalists Roberto Fratta and Alessandro Cerbucci aka Alex Cerb. The three sound pioneers explore worlds of sound together which are formed by working creatively in a variety of genres. The musical virtuosity of Annuluk is never self-serving, it is not to show-off or a colourful pot-luck. The trio chooses much more carefully from its comprehensive musical tool-box to support the compositions most fittingly in their fascinating effect.


2016 B.A.M. Beautiful & Massive Album | Kick the Flame
2014 MalaM EP | Kick the Flame
2014 Natural Bass Samplerbeitrag |
2014 Metamorphosis Vinyl RMX EP | Kick the Flame
2014 Perfekte Räumlichkeit Vol.2 Samplerbeitrag |
2014 Metamorphosis CD RMX Album | Kick the Flame
2013 Ultimate Tunes 2 Samplerbeitrag |
2013 Ushna Album | Kick the Flame

Supported by Initiative Musik gGmbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.



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