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Annuluk - Michaela Holubova
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Annuluk - a Global World-pop band - an exceptionally variable and expressive voice carried by urban, etnical rhythms and electronic sound design.

Winners Best Newcomer VIA VUT INDIE AWARD 2014-2015

Winners "Creole Mitteldeutschland Contest“ 2013-2015


2016 February the New Album

2014 Perfekte Räumlichkeit Vol.2 Sampler Collection -
2014 Natural Bass Sampler Collection -
2014 Metamorphosis Vinyl RMX EP | Kick the Flame
2014 Metamorphosis CD RMX Album | Kick the Flame
2014 MalaM EP | Kick the Flame
2013 Ultimate Tunes 2 Sampler Collection -
2013 Ushna Album | Kick the Flame

PRESS MalaM Release Juny 2014 (last release)

After her much-publicized and critical acclaim heaped on debut album " Ushna " sets the Leipzig- Jena Global World Pop lineup Annuluk one years now later their second album " MalaM " before .
„MalaM " appears as a double pack with the bonus CD "Metamorphosis " . While MalaM contains six brand new songs , including the Supplement CD "Metamorphosis " along with four remixes, as early as February Vinyl -EP verschienen , three other previously unreleased remixes.

With their new release " MalaM " Annuluk go a step further Ushna "was an archaic world musical journey ,backed by electronic , urban beats from a wide variety of Soundscapes drew . In " Malam " compress and accelerate this Elements in a music with strong oriental influences and danceable Grooves .

" MalaM " means Indonesian "night" and rewrites symbolic of the old Request for a necessary global awakening. The deliberate renunciation to to use a language or the free , artistic singing in Misa Fantasy language like the listener at first seem strange alien : But with the choice of this expression form asks only Annuluk again the audience to be surrender to the universal connective character of the music .
A socially critical Embassy would like the piece " Hayal Kirikliği " represent , in the Samples known politicians and peace activists as Evocations are heard - the peaceful and destructive extremes, expressing the dominant forces in the world .

With the bonus CD " Metarmophosis " appear for the first time equal to seven Remixes of the first album " Ushna " by renowned national and international DJs and producers. The idea to publish remixes of Annuluk songs was named in honor of the record in February 2014 as a vinyl EP of the same name realized. The bonus CD is now available on popular demand, three more remixes of Drum Panic, Giugliano Pagliaroli and Alex Cerb . "Metamorphosis " can be regarded as an impressive example of which Potential for creating the music of Annuluk own creative leeway in itself entails .

The musical virtuosity of Annuluk never serves the end in itself. Rather, it is just another tool to the songs fascinating in their To support action that they own . Not for nothing qualified
Annuluk as a finalist in the World Creole Music Festival 2014. With " Malam " succeeds Annuluk in fact a further milestone towards combines real global pop tradition and modernity at the highest level and thus creates something entirely new.

article submitted by:Roberto Fratta, Annuluk