"Sufi Baul - Madness & Happiness" - Bapi Das Baul / Baul Bishwa

Bapi Das Baul / Baul Bishwa
Sufi Baul - Madness & Happiness


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Engaging and colourful Sufi music of the Bauls (mystic minstrels from Bengal) presented by Bapi Das Baul, in his first album release since 2002.

Baul Bishwa means “the world of Bauls”. The word Baul comes from the Sanskrit “Batul”, which means “mad”, yet this is not to be understood literally. The Baul is “mad” because of his way of life and philosophy; this “madness” is his aim. He seeks it and takes it as a guide on the path of life. He must be at one with everything he meets: in listening to a song, smelling a perfume, looking at a landscape; the five senses unite to touch the most intimate depths of the heart and soul to link him deeply with the universe which encompasses him.

"The radiant Bapi is accompanied by flutes, banjo, tabla, dhol, khamak and dotara (lute). A visionary mix of traditional and electronic music." - Mondomix