"Japanese Drums" - Joji Hirota & Hiten Ryu Daiko

Joji Hirota & Hiten Ryu Daiko
Joji Hirota
Japanese Drums - Joji Hirota & Hiten Ryu Daiko


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The mighty thunder of giant Japanese drums.

Japanese multi-instrumentalist Joji Hirota releases his second album of Taiko drumming worldwide on the ARC label, this time supported by Hiten Ryu Daiko, a new group of 5 talented musicians.

“I have endeavoured to create Taiko music in a new contemporary style, trying not to lose the grace and high energy of the traditional Taiko music from its heritage, and I believe I have achieved this with my Taiko team, as you will hear on these recordings.

“I do not know of any other Taiko team who have managed to succeed in such progressively advanced productions and worked so hard to achieve them, for which I owe them all great thanks.

“I hope that you may find joy and excitement in this, my second Taiko album, as much as in my first release.”

A master percussionist, flautist, singer and composer, and prominent member of WOMAD since 1986, Hirota is widely recognised for raising the profile of Taiko music in Europe. He was honoured with the Japanese Ambassador’s Commendation in 2004, in recognition of his distinguished service to the deepening of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and other nations.