"Klezmer Juice 2" - Klezmer Juice

Klezmer Juice
Gustavo Bulgach
Klezmer Juice 2


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Grammy nominees Klezmer Juice release their second album on the ARC Music label.

Following their eponymous debut, 2005’s critically-acclaimed Klezmer Juice (ARC, EUCD1968) the group, lead by clarinetist Gustavo Bulgach, return with another offering of traditional klezmer with a twist.

Of course, klezmer has always been a genre in a constant state of evolution, and Klezmer Juice incorporate a host of influences in this release, from tangos to blues and from ragas to swing. According to Bulgach, “Klezmer is like a soapy pig. Everybody’s trying to catch it, but every time someone gets a hold of it, it slips away from them.”

Born in Buenos Aires and now residing in Los Angeles, Gustavo Bulgach’s unique and lively style has earned him the moniker The Prince of West Coast Klezmer. “The rest of the world is really eager to listen to what’s going on in the West Coast Klezmer movement,” states Bulgach, “California is known for being a very diverse state, and that may be the bridge to connect Jewish life to mainstream life.”