"Fado & Piano" - Maria Ana Bobone

Maria Ana Bobone
Maria Ana Bobone - Fado & Piano

Maria Ana Bobone is widely recognized as one of the best of her generation’s fadistas. She performs in a distinct way: in the tradition of all the great voices.

Maria Ana Bobone started singing Fado at age 16, after completing courses in both piano and singing at the National Conservatory of Music. Her debut album entitled “Alma Nova”, performed in partnership with two other singers, would mark the beginning of a brilliant career. She then recorded two albums for MA Recordings: “Luz Destino” and “Senhora da Lapa”, revealing a masterful musical taste with which she welcomes new instruments (harpsichord and saxophone), in addition to the usual presence of the Portuguese guitar, to the Fado sonority. Her career continued with the release of “Nome de Mar”, a work that brought her the public recognition she deserved, and which collected the most positive reviews from media.

Maria Ana’s enormous talent and ambition led her to make various excursions into other musical projects, constantly engaging in successful partnerships. It was those same qualities that led her to work with prestigious guitarists such as Ricardo Rocha and Pedro Caldeira Cabral, each contributing with the uniqueness and beauty of their own compositions that reached, with the voice of Maria Ana Bobone, the pursued sonority of its creators.

Performing constantly in Portugal’s major venues (Belém’s Cultural Centre, Oporto’s House of Music, São Luiz Theatre, Culturgest Auditorium, among many others) she is a regular guest at numerous festivals and concert halls throughout the world, presenting Fado Music and Portuguese culture to other cultures (England, USA, Brazil, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, France, Mexico, Italy, Morocco, Malta, Netherlands, India...)

Released January 2013, she presents to the public her latest album - Fado & Piano. In it, partnering with producer Rodrigo Serrão, Maria Ana explores and reveals the full dimension of her talent. Composing, writing, singing, creating musical arrangements and playing all the songs on the piano, she redefines it as an instrument of choice in accompanying Fado (a tradition that dates back to the early twentieth century). Innovating once again, she maintains a deep respect and knowledge of old traditions, accompanied as always by the ever present Portuguese guitar and the double bass. This makes Maria Ana Bobone one of the most important and distinctive artists in Fado today.