"Luz De Otra Manera" - Vasco Hernández

Vasco Hernández
Vasco Hernández - Luz De Otra Manera

Vasco Hernández

Vasco Hernández is currently one of the most promising talents of the new Flamenco guitar. He was born in Andorra in September 1980, and moved to Madrid as a baby. He started exploring the world of music at six years old, starting with the piano, until he fell in love with the guitar when he was given one for his twelfth birthday. That is when his adventure as a self-taught guitar player started.

Originally influenced by the gypsy culture of the neighbourhood in which he grew up, Vasco soon began experimenting with his own sound. Having no formal training, and motivated by an intuitive creative instinct, Vasco explored the guitar in a very personal way, creating a new sound which is a true reflection of his own identity. As a guitar player he was always faithful to his search for the particular and deepest sense of his music; of what was connected to him and his experiences. So from the very beginning his music was already full of idiosyncrasy and unique in its sound.

"Being a self-taught musician, or the simple fact of not being deeply-rooted to a particular land, will help this guitar player introduce himself in a permanent search which will result in an originality that is very often in the Flamenco, identifying even himself."

At eighteen years old he established his first group, 'Vasco Hernández Trío', who played in bars in Madrid until Vasco was twenty-two years old. It was at this age that he composed the soundtrack for the short film 'Rabia azul', after which he decided to go on with his career as solo concert guitarist.

In 2006 he moved to Barcelona, and in 2007 he recorded 'Sólo', an entirely guitar album reflecting his experience and repertoire from the preceding years. Vasco’s growing reputation in Barcelona as a soloist brought him to the attention of the orchestra director Lluis Llerám, who invited him to join the tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca. Held in one of the most important auditoriums of Barcelona, Auditorio Winterthur, in 2009, Vasco cites this as the highlight of his career hitherto.

“This important success helped place and establish the base for the indisputable seal of this particular guitar player and composer.”

It was also in Barcelona where he started putting together the group he currently directs. Together they have performed in many cities around Europe, highlighted by the tours in Switzerland and Greece (2010-2011), and the opening of the festival 'Flamenco de Setúbal', in Portugal, 2011.

The group currently consists of six members, which occasionally increases to eight, producing a big display on stage including singing, dancing, piano or bass. These elements all come together to create an exciting performance that blurs the lines between a stage show and a concert guitar performance.

With this album, 'Luz de otra manera', his first internationally available album, Vasco hopes to unify the development of his own vision of Flamenco with the perspective of a more international audience, giving his music a more universal context.