"Vocalism" - Vusa Mkhaya

The use of the voice or vocal organs in speech;
The skill or art of exercising the voice in singing;
A system of vowels used in a given language

Vusa Mkhaya, a member of the award-winning Zimbabwean vocal trio Insingizi, has been described as the future of Zimbabwean music. An accomplished singer and songwriter, Mkhaya tells his own story in a manner and style that not only epitomize his love for vocal music, but his identity as a true master of African sound. His new CD ‘Vocalism’, shows deep respect to the traditions that shaped him as an artist without necessarily losing the vocal arrangements and other eclectic touches that keep the music fresh and relevant to a new generation of fans to this genre.

Vusa Mkhaya


Vusa Mkhaya - Vocalism

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