Kleztory 2015
Kleztory Balcony Vienna
Kleztory live


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Line up

  • Bergeron Mélanie (accordion)
  • Ichmouratov Airat  (clarinet)
  • Misbakhova Elvira (violin)
  • Nicolas Dany (guitar)
  • Peetsma Mark (double bass)
  • Sura Alexandru (cimbalom)


Similar to the music they perform, KLEZTORY is a rich mosaic of cultures (Russian, Canadian, Quebecois), musical training (academic and self taught) and musical tastes (classical, contemporary, jazz, blues, country and folk). Combining their talents, these musicians perform with an emotion and a virtuosity that is the true spirit of klezmer. Through the use of innovative arrangements that are respectful of the original compositions, KLEZTORY has forged a unique, yet still authentic musical path.

Since its inception, KLEZTORY has wandered happily through the heart of klezmer, the traditional music of the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe. While remaining respectful of the rich klezmer tradition, KLEZTORY has always taken the liberty of adding its own personality to its arrangements of the traditional repertoire, infusing them with hints of jazz, a touch of classical, or a few drops of the blues. What emerges gives KLEZTORY a colour, a texture and an emotional depth that is refreshing and original.

On the latest album „Arrival“ KLEZTORY decided to broaden its horizons even further and started to venture just outside the traditional klezmer repertoire. As a result “Arrival” features a wonderful mix of traditional klezmer pieces, Moldovian, Bessarabian and Serbian tunes, as well as a sprinkling of original compositions. And all of it is arranged Kleztory-style, with the inspiration and the love that has that has built Kleztory’s reputation as a thrilling mix of sensitivity and virtuosity.