Karen Gafurdjanov

Karen Gafurdjanov burst onto music scene in 1993, when he founded popular pop quartet “Anor” (Grenadine) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. After triumphal performance in “Concert-97” in Palace of People’s Friendship the popularity of the group and its leader skyrocketed. Not long before this event “Guli-Bonu” Producer Center became the producer of Karen and “Anor”. In 1999 Karen has started his solo project. Karen performs pop music mixed with Uzbek traditional melodies, which produces an amazing experience
Karen is “all-in-one” talent. He composes music, writes lyrics, sings and plays numerous instruments, among them are: solo-guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and percussion, and Uzbek folk instruments doira and rubob. His songs are multilingual: Uzbek, English, Russian and Georgian. He’s got more that 60 original compositions and 10 clips.
Three albums comprise the best of his things:
1. “Toshkentda Anor Bor!” (There’s Grenadine in Tashkent) – 1998
2. “Senga-Senga” (“To You”) – 2000
3. “Anor, to be continued…” – 2002
The fourth album is in progress and will include songs in English.
The last two years were the most effective in Karen’s work. His two songs “Jana” and “Sensiz Ne Hayot” (There’s No Life Without You”) have brought him record-breaking chart success has set him apart form all others.
This year Karen has performed abroad twice. In March he has taken part in Winter Music Conference in Miami and has had performed on March 21st in the main hall of the festival venue –Radisson Deauville Resort hotel. He has presented his three most recent songs “Sensiz Ne Hayot”, “Hay Yor Yor” and “Azizim Asalim”.
In July 2003 Karen was invited to perform at the Rhythms Of The World International Festival. His performance lasted more than one hour including several encores. The Festival’s main stage housed more than 5000 people listening to Karen’s songs. Karen’s program included such completely new songs as “Uynasin!”, “Yor Uzga” and “the New Song” (which are available at http://www.karen.uz).


Karen Gafurdjanov


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