Rhythms of Uzbekistan

  • country:Uzbekistan
  • region:Central Asia
  • style(s):Asian, Folk
  • artist submitted by:Art Expo Service


...It's not often that trumpeter John Wallace is outdone for sheer musical power. But in Trumpets! - a celebration of the instrument and its ancestors that he curated for the London Sinfonietta - he came off second best in a musical showdown between western classical instruments and the traditional ones of Uzbekistan, UK's Guardian reported...
...Lined up against the three karnay players of Rhythms of Uzbekistan, a group of Uzbek virtuosos, Wallace and other members of London Sinfonietta were overwhelmed by their music. This improvisatory collaboration was part of Peter Wiegold's The Great Heel, a set of compositions using the members of Rhythms of Uzbekistan alongside with Sinfonietta. With a mixture of musical styles, encompassing Uzbek melodies and jazzy modernism, the pieces created a teemeing diversity. But the Rhythms of Uzbekistan musicians were best revealed in a pre-concert event in which they played their own music, with its dizzingly complex rhythmic construction and subtle, microtonal tuning.
After hearing the karnay and its music, the rest of the brass repertoire is liable to sound hopelessly effete...