• country:Algeria
  • region:Kabylian
  • style(s):Berber
  • artist submitted by:ArteFacts


The Kabyles are like the Tuaregs, Mzabs, Schleus, a part of the Berbers which are the aborigens of North Africa (from Egypt to Canary Islands and from Algeria to Niger). Berbers have famous reprensentatives in occidental culture, and history books do not always recognize them as Berbers. Among others, we can name the Roman writer Apulee, the great christian theologian St Augustin, Jugurtha (firts Berber king that attacks Cicero), the historian Khaldoun...
Abdelli's texts express strong and poetic images of his culture which is threatened of all sides. He expresses himself essentially by symbols which are parts of his traditionnal culture. He tries to make known the ancient Berber culture which, by its tolerance and openness, is an exemple to follow in our troubled world.
Abdelli's music is a reflection of the Kabyle culture : open to the world and to its differences. His music is the meeting of the quarter of a tone with the tempered scale. On his first CD album, New Moon, the experience of a musical overture with Berbers, Chileans and Ukrainians is the first of its kind ever realised with Kabyle music.