Mamou Daffé

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Mr. Daffé is part of a new generation of social leaders whose mission is to design projects and local operations with a strong economic, cultural and social impact.

Cultural engineer today, Mr. DAFFE since the beginning of his career, quickly oriented toward business management. Since then he has founded and managed several private structures, small and medium sized, in his areas of interest and according to his training, including tourism, hotels, cultural industries and the promotion of the local economy.

The year 2005 saw the culmination of his actions by the creation of one of the largest socio-cultural and tourist attractions of the sub-region: the Festival sur le Niger. A true creative industry that attracts leading figures in art, culture, music and scientific domains worldwide.

This last experiment participating in the economic development of the Ségou region helped bring together economic actors and local authorities of the region within the Council for the Promotion of Local Economy (CPEL), first experience in handling the economic development by local actors.

Thus, Mr. Daffé designed and implemented with his colleagues a local development model based on local knowledge and local strategies in assisting local organizations to act.

In 2010, the festival became a foundation and creates a reference cultural center for the sub-regional research, development, and development of the professions of culture in Mali.

Mr. DAFFE manages the CPEL, the Kôrè Cultural Centre and the Festival sur le Niger since their creation.

M.DAFFE is a founding member of the Ollinkan Alliance gathering festivals from Mexico, Norway, Mali and Portugal.

M.DAFFE is a founding member and president of KYA Network, the Network of Malian Cultural Actor.

Mr. DAFFE is an honorary citizen of the city of Ségou, Knight of the National Order of Mali, and Senator of Junior Chamber International

Mamou Daffé

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