Zelia Fonseca

Zelia Fonseca


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Line up

  • Angela Frontera (drums, perc)
  • Marcio Tubino (sax, p)
  • Michael Koschorrek (Git)
  • Rosanna Levental (cello)
  • Zelia Fonseca (git, voc)

Zelia Fonseca, guitarist, singer and songwriter from Brasil, Minas Gerais, lives in Europe since 1989, coming via Portugal and Finland to stay in Germany.

She gained international fame with the duo Rosanna & Zelia, which released 5 CDs with own compositions and arrangements that had a very own style. Zelia shared the stage with Compay Segundo, John McLaughlin, Joe Zawinul, George Benson, Djavan, Maria Joao and Katharina Franck (among others).

Nearly three years after Rosannas death, Zelia Fonseca is now releasing her first solo CD. Accompanied by wonderful musicians like Davide Petrocca (bass), Michael Koschorrek (Guitar), Angela Frontera (Drums), Rosana Levental (Cello), Martin Kaelberer (Piano, Akkordeon) und Marcio Tubino (Percussion, Flute).

The variety of brasilian music and european influences are melting in Zelias compositions and with her distinctive guitarplaying and songwriting, she has found her own, melodic, rhythmic and poetic sound.