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Welcome to a musical journey of the EARTH WHEEL SKY BAND: "Waltz Rromano" – the Gypsy waltz, the Gypsy cocek, tango, ragga or horo…..!After almost 40 years on stage the legendary figure of the musical scene in Novi Sad, OLAH VINCE, and his band take a big step forward: Basic instrumentation - guitar, violin, cymbal, doublebass, percussions, voice - no electronic gadgets or keyboards, plain but indeed pleasurable! Even “India” is involved. Or the old song from Southern Serbia, rearranged and with maestro Boban Markoviæ on trumpet. Expression is everything, the band knows how to slow you down or lift you up! While Vince had his own bands for ages or collaborated with many local musicians (currently he is a member of Boris Kovaè’s LaDaABa Orchest), some of his band members performed with Lajko Felix or have their own bands. The region of Serbia where they are living, Vojvodina, is part of Panonia and blessed with multi-faceted cultural influences. With them being Gypsies they really know how to make something creative out of that.Olah Vince, the Gypsy activist, is not satisfied to live just the life of a musician, he is helping others and therefore i.e. trying to establish a Gypsy radio in Novi Sad.Listen to this music! Dance, shout - try Gypsy!


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Sa e Rroma, ando them

taken from Waltz Rromano

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