"Ma maren ma" - JONY ILIEV & BAND

Worldmusic Charts Europe Position 5
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“A Bulgarian singer that deserves nothing less than stardom” (Songlines, 2003).
Jony Iliev invites you on his frantic ride through the streets of Sofia’s Gypsy quarters and its nightclubs. Funky Balkan music interspersed with oriental sounding flamenco and klezmer elements weave the carpet upon which the singer spreads out his voice. When Jony sings and his voice moves between the octaves, heart and head are torn asunder. Filled with passion; thrust between happiness and despair; between poverty and discrimination on the one hand, freedom and zest for life on the other – Jony Iliev and his devilishly swinging band mesmerize with their masterly compositions spiced with Romany lyrics.

CD “Ma Maren Ma” released 2002 on Asphalt Tango Records