"Kal" - KAL

The hottest Gypsy band from Serbia brings rock’n’roll power and a forceful pop aesthetic. Kal mix traditional Gypsy music with the latest beats from the city, bring it to the boil with Balkan fire and use it to set alight dance floors around the world. Their songs burst with hyperkinetic energy and have the real smell of the
suburbs - combined with the global heartbeat - all handmade! In their wit, imagination and ability to throw disparate sounds together, they mark themselves as both part of Balkan Gypsy tradition and 21st century lifestyle. And because their music is more than just music, Kal also convey a clear political message: Gypsy – stand up for your rights!

CD “KAL” 2006 on Asphalt Tango Records




World Music Charts Europe Position 1 CD cover

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