Fimmene in DUB
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  • country:Italy
  • style(s):Dub, Reggae
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, DJ/Remixer
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist submitted by:Ass. Culturale Soniboni

Line up

  • Anna Cinzia Villani (Voice)
  • INSINTESI (DJ - DUBMASTER (F. Andriani De Vito - A. Lorusso))
  • Miss Mykela (Voice - MC)
  • Raffaella Aprile (Voice)



Insintesi project was born in Lecce (Salento) in 1998 after the blending of different musical and artistic experiences joined together by the same element: their love for dub, reggae, and jungle music. This duo in composed by two artists, Francesco Andriani de Vito (deejay and producer) and Alessandro Lorusso (instrumentalist and producer). Their music mixes urban dub sonorities with raggae melodies from Salento and Mediterranean world music.
In 2003 Insintesi collaborated for Nidi d'Arac "Jentu", edited by V2, and in 2004 they participated to the only one compilation linked to the Italian drum'n'bass called "Italian Bassline vol.2", with an unpublished work by Afun Records.
In 2007, Subterranea, their first album, was published by Altipiani/Edel, a mixture of dub, electronic music, world music and ragga. Some of the most representative reggae singers worked on it.
In 2010, instead, they published Salento in Dub (ed. Amina Mundi). Being a very successful work, "Salento in Dub" is a "warped" and passionate image of the music played in Salento. Salvatore Esposito, on in may 2010, defined this work as "an enlightening, precious, funny record, which fascinates the occasional listener, too, who can be not very good as regards traditional music".

FIMMENE IN DUB (2012 ed. anima mundi)
is their last work where Insintesi keep on with the challenge started with their very successful "Salento in dub" (edited by Anima Mundi, in 2009, proposing another development of folk music from Salento in relation to research and innovation in electronic music.
With "Fimmene in Dub" Insintesi continue their work on the same line, but concentrating the experimentation on traditional music by Salento and on female voice, particularly expressive in the most remote place in Apulia, where some singers (most of them sing in the album) succeed in performing very well a music which is still anchored to the past and they can also move it to modern artistic age.
This work is also a collecting of great musicians who come from Salento and collaborate with Insintesi in this project. In this CD you can notice singers like Enza Pagliara, Anna Cinzia Villani, Maria Mazzotta (among the voices of the Orchesta of "Notte Della Taranta"), Raffaella Aprile, Miss Mykela and musicians like Claudio "Cavallo" Giagnotti (Mascarimiri), Antongiulio Galeandro, Treble, Claudio Prima, Gianluca Longo, Luca Tarantino, and others too. The special guest is Papet Jali, Mc of the group Massilia Sound System.