JO "Styck" Ruffier des Aimes

JO "Styck" Ruffier des Aimes
Jo and his Stick Chapman
Jo on stage
Jo singing
Cover album 2017


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  • country:France
  • style(s):Rock, Groove
  • label:not signed
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • instrumentation:string, singer songwriter, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Association L'Hacienda

Line up

  • Jo Ruffier des Aimes (Styck Chapman, Guitar, Beat box, singer)


JO is one of the few musicians in France practicing Chapman Stick, and participates every year at the International Festival Stick and tape Guitar Trentemoult (Nantes) where also he conducte master classes.

Songwriter, stickiste, twenty years of meetings and experiences that nurture his musical resolutely without borders.
It is primarily a stage artist .
He recorded live, the beat-box, hearts, guitar or bass riffs with his sampler pedal guitar hit or tapping, to create his arrangements before you.
It's an unknown universe that JO offers to the public, and his complicity with the audience is really and truly magical.