Aurélie Païta

Young Berlin-based booking agency. Represents bands who combine modern sound with traditional elements.

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Go to and listen to OKO (Folksongs from the Black see) and ORPHÉ (re-arrangements of pieces from the Arab repertoire)

The Berlin based trio interprets Black Sea songs in unusual and evocative ways. Vocal polyphony and tradition confront modernity and global perspectives, questioning what brings us together and what tears us apart. The timeless ancestral call of three voices and traditional instruments saz and violin, mash together with synths, electric guitar, loop station and electronic soundscapes.

Berlin based ensemble, Orphe combines oriental folk, balkan music as well as contemporary tango and jazz. A music where the West meets the East.
The music is rich because of the diverse musical backgrounds and tastes each of the seven international band members have. Four of the musicians come from Syria, three of them recently arrived to the German capital. These same three studied music and played in a jazz group together, a few
years ago. The other band members are Scottish, U.S./French, Palestinian/German.

Discover the great music videos of STEPHAN TALNEAU, a Berlin-based French film maker. References : ARTE, BBC, etc.

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  • WOMEX 2017


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