Austria's world music network

IG World music Austria is a fastly growing, independent network of agents, artists, festivals, labels, media, NGO’s and promoters.

With more than 20 companies exhibiting, 2 showcases and a conference, the central booth AT testimonies that Austria's world music market is clearly expanding.

The project Fair Music, an EU founded initiative for more fairness in the music business is based in Austria. Alexander Hirschenhauser will be attending Womex to network with labels, artists and institutions, working on establishing fair music contract details and proven standards worldwide.

The Austrian umbrella stand will introduce you into Austrias World of music… we organized several meet & greet - also at lunch time - to meet informally and talk about various issues.
Find the dates below.

A special focus will be given to female artists at the Austrian stand. The centenary of the International Women’s Day, which was first honored in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on 19 March 1911 is the opportunity to focus 2011 on female artists. The Austrian Ministry of foreign affairs published a handbook and an online database together with MICA Women/music Austria, which will be available at the Austrian stand. The festival femous is coordinating 100 events featuring female artists and offering showcase opportunities for our international partners.

You can assist our Austrian showcases, offering a very special approach to worldmusic made in Austria.
Mathias Loibner is a very interesting artist - He plays hurdy-gurdy in an unheard-of way. He treats his instrument tenderly or relentlessly and oscillates between nearly forgotten and newly found sounds - from ancient music to experimental dancefloor.

ZOHREH JOOYA & her ENSEMBLE AFGHAN instead is working with traditional afghan music and setting a political statement for peace.

The conference organized by the Austrian based IMZ will give insights into music video production and promotion.

At the Austrian Events at our booth, you will have the opportunity to netwrok & meet most of our delegates.
Meet & Greet @ the Austrian Booth AT – Loungezone

1.Fair Music // 28.10.10 12:00 – 13:30

“…musical artists have the right to obtain just recognition and remuneration for their services”

This sentence from the declaration of “Human Rights for Music” is the leitmotiv for the Fair Music movement. The MICA delegates Alexander Hirschenhauser & Rainer Praschak will network with artists, labels and institutions in promoting the fair music movement and establishing standards for fair music production.

2. Women in Music: // 29.10.10, 12:30 – 14:00

„ Networking is our aim – meeting & connecting women in music“

With a presentation and distribution of the handbook Women/Music Austria by BMEIA to an interested audience, there is an opportunity for gender focussed institutions, festivals and media to connect informally and establish networks. The Austrian festival and communication project „femous“ will be presented.
The delegates Miriam Schreinzer/Remise Bludenz and Silvia Jura will coordinate the meeting.

3. Meet the Artists: // 30.10.10, 16:00 – 18:00

Perfect time for interviews! Austria has a great variety of internationally known artists. At a glance, you will have the chance to find out more about their backgrounds and visions…
Have a drink with the Austrian showcase artists Mathias Loibner and Zohreh Jooya, the Portuguese Danças ocultas and the Swedish Stockholm Lisboa Project…
And schedule your meeting with:
Célia Mara: brazilian bastardsound made in Vienna
!Dela Dap: the Urban Gipsy Sound
Christine Zurbruegg: Yoddeling fusions between Switzerland & Austria
Vusa Mkhaya: the velvet voice of Zimbabwe - Mozuluart, Insingizi

4. Austrian Companies present at Womex

• Bigathing - Birgit Gabler
Matthias Loibner, Nim Soyfan, radio.string.quartet.vienna , Lorenz
Raab, Bleu, Julia Noa Fischer, Natasa Mirkovic-DeRo, Andy Manndorff

• Blauzucker - Jaqueline Carbonell-Spörk
Global Kryner

• CCArt Music - Mari Stallybrass
Quique Neira, IQulah

• Cultureworks - Sabina Schebrak
Renato Borgehtti, Dancas Occultas, Martin Lubenov, Riccardo Tesi, Zamballarna, Maja Osojnik, Maria Kalaniemi

• Diverted Music - Christina Sanoll
Netnakisum, Hotel Palindrone, Pristup, Stockholm Lisboa Project

• Frequent Music Productions - Tom Jirsa
Howe Gelb and a Band of Gypsies, Karandila Gypsy BrassOrchestra, Ivo Papasov and his Wedding Band, Mardi Gras.BB,Daau, Felix Lajkó

• Georg Leitner Productions - Walter Laurer
Sean Paul, Diana King, Maria De Barros, Najma Akhtar,Gato Barbieri, Gil Scott-Heron, Wyclef Jean

• Stone, Art & Sound - Brigitte Feßmann
Cissokho Brothers, Mahesh Vinayakram, Markus Stockhausen, Eternal Voyage, Ensemble KlangStein feat Markus Stockhausen, Namo

• Triart – culture, artists, concepts - Anne Hofstadler
Sväng, Abado, Lechner & Méthivier (Arnottodrom),
Lepistö & Lehti, Nifty´s, Rosmanith


• Célia Mara

• Christina Zurbrügg

• Deladap – Stani Vana

• Georg Breinschmid

• Vusa Mkhaya

• Zoreh Jooya

Promoters & Venues

• femous / Globalista: no border media - Silvia Jura Santangelo

• Jazzfest Wien - Heinz Krassnitzer

• Jeunesses Musicales Austria -
Caroline Therese Lindmayr

• Radiokulturhaus - Gudrun Hamböck

• Remise Bludenz - Miriam Schreinzer

• Sargfabrik - Ernst Perbin-Vogl

• Wiener Konzerthausgesellschaft – Amanda Rotter

Institutions & Media
• Emap.FM – Emil Lubej

• IG Worldmusic Austria - Silvia Jura Santangelo, Horst Watzl

• Kulturen in Bewegung/VIDC - Martina Könighofer
MoZuluArt, K3 goes India

• Mica - Music Austria/ Fairmusic - Alexander Hirschenhauser, Rainer Praschak

5. Organisation:
The Austrian booth is a coproduction of IG Worldmusic Austria and Heinrich Schläfer, founded by the program „go international“/WKO/BMWA, SKE and AKM and contributions of the Austrian delegates.

article submitted by:MA Silvia Jura Santangelo, Austrian World Music Association