Calypso Rose
  • country:Trinidad and Tobago
  • style(s):Calypso
  • label:Because/Maturity/Stonetree
  • type:Band
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal, electronic, percussion, brass, salsa and latin band, piano, guitar
  • artist submitted by:Azimuth Productions

Line up

  • Calypso Rose (vocals)
  • Damny (keyboard)
  • Derek Thorne (percussion)
  • Don Stewart (bass)
  • Drew Gonsalves (guitar, cuatro)
  • Jamba (guitar)
  • Jan Morgan (trumpet)
  • Robert Milicevic (drums)
  • Terence Woode (trombone)


Now in her 77th year and as forward as ever, Calypso Rose can look back at over 60 years of making people happy. Born in Tobago, she grew up in Trinidad, where she fell in love with calypso, despite the disapproval of her Baptist minister father. She wrote her first song aged 15. A decade later she shook up the male-dominated world of calypso, winning the Calypso King title - reluctantly retitled Calypso Monarch - at the 1978 carnival. She then went on to win it for the next four years. To date she's written over 800 songs, changed attitudes denouncing domestic violence or social injustice and received dozens of international awards and honorary citizenships. She's a living calypso legend, the Calypso Queen, and as she sings on her latest album: “No man alive or dead could take mi crown off mi head.”

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