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Arthur Nestrovski - brazilian guitarist and composer Arthur Nestrovski holds a Ph.D. in Music and Literature from Iowa University (USA). He is a senior music critic for Folha de S.Paulo, and he is also a senior editor at PubliFolha, the newspaper's publishing branch. A tenured lecturer at the Graduate College of PUC/Sao Paulo from 1991 to 2005, he is the author of the best-selling Notas Musicais (2000) and Outras Notas Musicais (forthcoming, 2009), among other books including several prize-winning titles for children.
He returned to professional work as a guitar player and composer in 2004, and has since played next to Tom Ze, Zelia Duncan, and the Sao Paulo Jazz Symphony Orchestra, among other top Brazilian artists. He was the music director (with B. Taubkin) for Milagrimas, a new production by choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo (available in CD/DVD). His solo guitar album Jobim Violao (2007) has just been reissued, as well as Tudo o Que Gira Parece a Felicidade, with songs and instrumental pieces for another project by Bertazzo and I. Bogea. He is the music director for Vila Sesamo (the Brazilian version of Sesame Street), broadcast nationwide by TV Cultura.

Celso Sim & Arthur Nestrovski
Voice and Guitar

Tha concert that releases the albuns "Pra Que Chorar" (Selo SP) and "Chico Violao" (Biscoito Fino).
In the show, Celso Sim, and Arthur Nestrovski make the complete repertoire of the CD "Pra Que Chorar", plus some songs by Chico Buarque, for solo guitar, and some others, sung.

"Pra Que Chorar", brings together some songs by Caymmi, Cartola, Ismael Silva and Rodrigues Lupicinio, among others, side by side with some of the Lieder of the 19th century composers Robert Schumann and Franz Schubert, in Brazilian versions of Arthur Nestrovski. It also includes Love (Vladimir Maiakosvski / Caetano Veloso), partnerships between Arthur Nestrovski and Ze Miguel Wisnik and Caca Machado, and other songs written by Nestrovski. In the end it is a collection of song, in its essential sense, so familiar to us all, who grew with the Brazilian popular music, sung poetry.

Here, "high" and "low" cultures, classical and popular, are only one manifestation of this art, and perhaps the uniqueness of Brazil to the world, the richness of what we're made and what we do: Brazilian song. The disc opens the seloSP Sem Paredes, created by the singer Celso Sim, to work and develop and materialize independent music. Distribution

Arthur Nestrovski also releases in this concert with Celso Sim, the CD Chico Violao(Biscoito Fino). Following Jobim Violao (already in its third edition), the new CD has 15 songs by Chico Buarque, in arrangements for solo guitar.

Below is the link text Nestrovski included in the album booklet:

Celso Sim, and Arthur Nestrovski developed some years ago, a musical partnership that involves the composition of tracks and songs for dance and theater, "All that spins seem to be Happiness", 2007, directed by Ivaldo Bertazzo; "Os Sertoes: a Luta", 2006, directed by Ze Celso Martinez Correa, and ends into popular music show and lecture-concert, in addition to developing joint work with Ze Miguel Wisnik and other parallel works with various composers, singers, arrangers for art cinema, theater, dance and literature.

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Arthur Nestrovski


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A Noiva da Cidade

Composed by Francis Hime and Chico Buarque

A Noiva da Cidade (Please install the WMA-PlugIn)

Choro Bandido

Composed by Chico Buarque

Choro Bandido (Please install the WMA-PlugIn)

Aquela Mulher

Composed by Chico Buarque

Aquela Mulher (Please install the WMA-PlugIn)

Futuros Amantes

Composed by Chico Buarque

Futuros Amantes (Please install the WMA-PlugIn)

Valsa Brasileira

Composed by Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque

Valsa Brasileira (Please install the WMA-PlugIn)

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