"Uho (Fight) - Single" - Tuuletar


Uho (Fight)
Comp. Tuuletar, lyrics Trad., Arr./ Tuuletar

Oh the grand old man of words and wisdom
sings for the sorrows, for the joys and beyond
will face his pier, restless and young,
who fights his honor with a poisoned tongue.

No thoughts in common, only words of fear
Lead on for the war of pointless tears.

Even the one who carries the grief
will close his eyes for peace and relief.
The mind is rotten, bitter and dark
and a gun is lighter than a broken heart.

If only the minds would cross and fade
should them not act on endless hate.
To not agree but to understand
would make them each a greater man.


Single inlcudes also "Tuu kerää" and "Odotan" from “Tules maas vedes taivaal” -album.