• country:Spain
  • style(s):World
  • label:Baga-Biga, ARC Music
  • type:Band
  • artist submitted by:Baga Biga

Line up

  • Alberto Manuel Rodriguez (guitar)
  • Ane Urruzola (dancer)
  • Enrique Mora (bass)
  • Iker Sanz (dancer)
  • Izar Aizpuru  (dancer)
  • Jose Agustin Barandiaran  (trikitixa)
  • Julen Rodriguez (dancer)
  • trikitixa (drums)


The joyous sound of Korrontzi in full flight is testament to their love of Basque folk music and their desire to share it with the world. At its heart is the trikitixa – the Basque diatonic accordion, unique for its unisonoric bass – played by the agile-fingered founder of the ensemble, Jose Agustin Barandiaran. For more than a century, the instrument has been accompanying dances such as the arin-arin, biribilketa and aurresku, and Korrontzi expand on this tradition, bringing it to contemporary audiences in a folk-rock line-up where trikitixa, alboka, txalaparta and tambura Basco meet with guitar, mandolin, bass and drums. Formed in 2004, they have become the foremost musical ambassadors of their homeland and their fourth album, Tradition 2.1, finds them confidently adding global spices from Galicia to Madagascar, Scotland to Sardinia, into the porrusalda.