Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground
Kabatronics cover

It is with great pleasure and an imaginary shot of raki that we announce the next production from WORLD VILLAGE UK. Albanian brass maestros FANFARA TIRANA team up with the UK's TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND for a rumbustious new musical progeny they call KABATRONICS.
The two maverick groups have conceived a truly dynamic cross-border, cross-cultural jamboree. Drawing on a Tom Tiddler's ground of musical treasures, Balkan and otherwise, they exchange ideas, melodies and lyrics to tell new tales of mystery and re-imagination in a sparkling celebration of life, love and solidarity with its roots in history and its sights on the future.
"Transglobal Underground and the Fanfara Tirana share many qualities. Both are rooted in a native popular culture, which serves them as a springboard to explore and deconstruct the cultures of others, approaching them with curiosity, fascination and wit, searching for common ground in an endless dialogue of possibilities...pitting a grass-roots creative solidarity against the machinery of globalism, building fellowships from below." Kim Burton (from the sleevenotes)