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123, Gokul Arcade A, Swami Nityanand Marg, Vile Parle (e)
400057 Mumbai

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  • WOMEX 2017
  • WOMEX 2016

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Banyan Tree Events (India) is the first promotion body of its kind that has created a robust bridge between the corporate world and performing arts. The intangible heritage of India has several living traditions that have travelled down millennia, mostly orally transmitted from generation to generation in an uninterrupted flow. These, are the main focus of Banyan Tree. The aim is to discover, preserve, nurture and celebrate these unique creative expressions for which we have created six National Festivals which we feature annually in 18 cities across India. We share an excellent rapport with over 2000 performing artists across genres, linguistic groups, cultural backgrounds. From Internationally acclaimed super star maestros to enchanting, unknown bards from remote villages; all are part of the creative energy pool of Banyan Tree which was founded by Mr. Mahesh Babu and Ms. Nandini Mahesh in the year 1996.
Over the years Banyan Tree has also invited artists for collaborations from different countries like USA, France, Scotland, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Bulgaria, Netherlands, South Africa, Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Gambia, Netherland, Mongolia, Japan and Burkina Faso. Banyan Tree's music label Ninaad Music is among the best in India for alternate music.


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