Bapi Das Baul


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  • Bapi Das Baul (Subhendu Das / Jagriti)


BaulBishwa wandering minstrels music of India:
The band BaulBishwa named by Bapi Das Baul, started as a family project. It's essence lies in the roots of Eight Generations of Baul-sufi music which originated in rural India.
While staying faithful to the basic elements of the Bauls-sufi music, Bapi did bring in a personal touch by making minor changes to the melody, rhythm and singing in an innovative way.
BaulBishwa immediately became very popular in India. In this paved the way to BaulBiswa's international acclamation. They were then able to familiarize the world to the "Baul's" music and culture
Bapi Das Baul introduced Baul music’s typical authentic instruments like Khamak, Ektara, dugi, dotara, dubki, flute and a few other into the musical domain of the world.
Even now he is spreading the philosophy of the Baul-sufi, which is simple but real: Love will set you free and brings joy. “Love transcends borders, creed and religion”.
What is this message actually all about?
Inside we are all the same, people wanting to love and be loved.
Baul-Sufi’s are wondering minstrels like nomads, and their music represents a particular type of folk music, influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism as well as the fakir-Sufi songs. It is traditionally sung in open air amidst the villager’s. Almost all the songs were passed down through generations verbally. The language of the songs are continuously modernized, thus making it relevant and meaningful to the present scenario.
This leads to the ultimate freedom for all of us: the freedom to be able to be yourself anywhere, any time, with anybody, across cultures, frontiers, believes, religions or any other sphere, and be accepted. It is no longer about who you have to be but who you are deep down inside in your heart and soul.
In 1994,Bapi Das Baul became the artistic leader of the band. They travelled extensively all over World. He played at the biggest world music festivals around the world like WOMAD festival(UK), WOMAD festival (USA), WOMAD festival (Spain), LA MAR DE MÚSICAS(Spain), SEVILLA festival ,POPDEEUROPE(G), PALEO festival(CH), Transmusicales de Rennes(F), CANNES music festival(F), NANCY JAZZ festival(F), UK Mela festival(F), COLOUR festival(CZ), Martinique festival, Turkey festival, ADELAIDE festival (Aus), New Zealand festival, Asia festivals, RAIN FOREST festival(Malaysia) and more.
Till now BaulBishwa released several CD’s and Video CD's.
One deserves special attention namely “Songs of Love and Ecstasy”, produced by womad& real world (UK), 6TH SENSE (IRIS)(F), JAAN SUFI (heven&earth)(G), MADNESS & HAPPYNESS(ARC music, UK), BAUL CONNECTION(raga music,(INDIA)ROUGH GUIDE OF INDIA(world music)(UK), and many others. Some great compilation CD’s also released through all over.
Everywhere the public was captured by the charisma and virtuosity of BaulBishwa group.
Still nowadays Bapi Das Baul and BaulBishwa are highly appreciated worldwide for there magical music performance in festivals and venus.
MANRA-SENSES : ‘Mantra’ first came in the form of music and has healing powers. From the inception of mankind we always feared Natures wrath. So to communicate with nature and calm her he developed a secret language, which was known as mantra. Mantra is practiced in different forms by different cultures. Like from red-Indian to Indian, from Christian to Muslims, from Jiff to orthodox, from Buddhist to Shaman etc…
Our five senses are the root of all the knowledge we have. They are the source of our enrichment and freedom. There is a deep relation between or mantra and our senses. Mixed of those feeling created this Music Band.
"I come from a folk musical family, I grew up in this atmosphere and I love ‘folk & feel’ music, it's in my blood. I travelled all over the world and I have been in Europe for last several years, I have given several concerts of my traditional baul- sufi music and enabled the audience to discover and feel and share my music roots. I am trying to build a another new project, that mixed life and mixed world feel music today. Even now there are many crises that we are facing for example at present we are still fighting for nothing, humans are killing each other. The world is becoming full of violence, but still we try to stay connected to our roots with harmony or looking for it, our music is our love for each other. In our new musical project we would like to present and involve all those elements, those that give us joy, make us happy, make us move, support each other in happiness and sadness and share our feelings. I also work and listen to various kinds of music from folk to trance, tecno, r&b, hip-hop, rock and jazz, regge & ragas. I like them very much. My mix are like the different clothes we wear in different country like saree, and kurta-punjabi in India, kimono in Japan, kilts in Scotland etc."
Bapi Das Baul’s musical journeys and his long time stay in Europe and working with different groups has made him discover so many different styles of music and cultures and each time he loved what he learnt.
Backed by many encounters and partnerchips (ZapMama, Transglobal Underground, Fun-Da-Mental, etc.), Bapi harmoniously unites worlds that initially seem light years apart.With his new group MANTRASENSE, he successfully treads the paths of electro-roots. The combination of popular Indian instruments and European musicians astonishes and delights audiences. Ravishing female dancer provides a sensual natural feeling with different dance styles while performing for the group.
Bapi is impressed by the diversity of style that the different cultures had to offer, thus he inculcated them in his fusion electro band. He ensured that their identity was retained. The result is amazing.
MANTRASENSE is a very open musical project where musicians express themselves with their instruments, their voices and above all express their feelings. In MANTRASENSE there are musicians from several parts of the world who feel at home here. The Group has performed many concerts all over the world.

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