Lotta-Maria Pitkänen

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I am a violinist and composer from Helsinki, Finland. I started studying classical violin when I was 9 years old, but I began playing Afro-American music ever since I heard about jazz violin – at the age 18. After I graduated from Sibelius upper Secondary school, I continued my studies at Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory. There I began my professional violin studies in pop and jazz music. I continued my music studies at Helsinki University of Applied Sciences Metropolia, and I specialized in music pedagogy. I graduated spring 2011 as a music pedagogue in pop and jazz music.I started my master studies in Sibelius Academy at 2012 in Glomas (nordic master of global music). Now I am continuing my master studies in Royal Academy of music, Aarhus, Denmark.

My passion is to play violin and develop my skills as far as possible in both technique and music. The improvisational skills I have acquired from playing jazz are a good tool I can use while playing and composing. I am not devoted only to jazz music. Whenever I hear or see a new technique or a music style that I am amazed of, I want to learn it, right away. At the moment I’m especially interested in oriental music and using effects with violin. My philosophy is that there is no music style you cannot play with a violin. I don’t want to put myself in a box musically, that’s why I want to get influences from the music of all over the world.

Lotta-Maria Pitkänen

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