Bazar Blå c/o Björn Meyer

Gruberstrasse 12
3006 Bern

What we are

- Swedish roots, a unique set of instruments and wide-open interest in other cultures. The trio Bazar Blå create their own, new folk...

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  • phone: +41 765298227
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  • WOMEX 2003

company description

What we are

- Swedish roots, a unique set of instruments and wide-open interest in other cultures. The trio Bazar Blå create their own, new folk music and call it Transglobal Tripfolk. 1999 their debut album, Nordic City, was nominated as folk-music record of the year. In the year 2000 they released their critical-acclaimed follow-up, Tripfolk.

It started when nyckelharpa* player Johan Hedin spent a summer busking in Paris. A musical director from EMI heard his fantastic playing and invited him to work with /singer, actor, model/ Milla Jovovich. Bass player Björn Meyer was recruited to the band, which then spent two years touring all over USA. In dressing rooms, hotel lobbies, airports and tour-busses Johan and Björn created a never-heard repertoire for nyckelharpa and bass. Back in Sweden they found the perfect percussionist, Fredrik Gille, and formed Bazar Blå. Since then the trio has performed on many major folk-music festivals and venues. Lately they have toured Switzerland, Denmark, Scottland, Belgium, Lithuania, America and Sweden.

*= A traditional, medieval Swedish folk-instrument remotely related to violin and hurdy-gurdy. Has no name in English.

What we do

- Concert: A very special experience. With percussion – from Darbouka to Kanjira – Nyckelharpa-s and basses there are many roads to travel with Bazar Blå. Traditional polska and schottis come together with modern dance-grooves and become what we call Transglobal Tripfolk.

- School concert: We have performed Transglobal Tripfolk for children, students – from first grade to conservatory - and most ages in between with fantastic response.

- Dance music: Sets of traditional tunes and music of our own for you to dance normal Swedish folkdances to.

- Workshop / Seminar / Master class: We all have a lot of experience in various forms of teaching, individually and as a band. To combine a one-day workshop with an evening concert is a great way for us to meet an audience and for interested people to get close to our music, instruments and us. Group-playing, rhythmic concepts and training, modern ethnic music and ideas on how to make use of wildly varied influences are some interesting topics we like to discuss.



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