Gaynor O'Flynn

artist / artistic director

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  • Beinghuman Ltd


UK based artist, performer, composer, film maker & producer.

Director of t.b.c. the beinghuman collective. Musicians, artists performers & technologists from UK, US, China, Africa, India & Spain

Next major performance Kathmandu International Art Festival on a UNESCO world heritage site.

Also performs solo with multi media work, music & visuals suitable for cool venue, art gallery, outdoor installation performances.

Also work extensively as a music and travel TV producer/director for major TV Channels including BBC, Channel 4, ITV.

Previous clients include U2's promo company Dreamchaser. Artists worked with include Bjork, Transglobal Underground, P.J. Harvey, Annie Lennox and many more...

Previously mentored through UK Arts Council by Rob Bozas who runs Realword and WOMAD publishing.

Released first CD "Who Am I?" to critical acclaim. Now release limited edition vinyl, video & art through the beinghuman multi media label

Have gathered a fan base of over 25,000 on the beinghuman mailing list.

Work for Tibetan cause, supported by Radiohead.

Work with various producers/remixers including Dr Das founder of Asian Dub Foundation.

Produced Sadio Cissokho from Senegal.

Also work as a consultant for a major label's world music library.

participating in

  • WOMEX 2016
  • WOMEX 2015
  • WOMEX 2014
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