The best musical productions of Sardinia at Womex

The Mediterranean island of Sardinia is at Womex to showcase its wealth of history, tradition and music. Through cooperation with BES – Best Events Sardinia (POR 2000 -2006), a project promoted by the Regione Sardegna regional government agency and co-financed by the European Union, the latest season’s most interesting music productions and the top artists who performed in Sardinia during the summer will be presented at the world music expo in Spain.

From May to November, Sardinia lives to the beat of jazz, ethnic music and blues, a virtuous medley of ancient and modern, traditional and experimental. Across the island from east to west, from north to south, Sardinia offers an abundance of musical programs and events, festivals and performances by leading musicians.

Musica sulle bocche, the yearly festival held in Santa Teresa Gallura (Olbia) against the stunning natural backdrops of the Gallura district, is presenting “The new village” by musician Enzo Favata (original production by Jana Project - Festival Musica sulle bocche). The album looks at the relationship between jazz and ethnic music, Sardinian folklore, world jazz, free jazz, contemporary beat, electronic sound. Favata offers a combination of traditional and modern, Sardinia’s canto a tenore polyphonic singing and jazz.

The Time in jazz festival directed by Paolo Fresu, a jazz artist who has performed all over the world, is presenting “Megalitico” by the Gavino Murgia Quintet (original co-production by Time in jazz and the Locus Festival of Locorotondo). The Nuoro-born multi-instrumentalist blends his warm resonances with the transalpine jazz of Michel Godard and Frank Tortiller and the Italian jazz of Luciano Biondini and Pietro Iodice.

A daring experiment comes from the Calagonone jazz and European Jazz Expo festivals, at Womex with the “Isolanos” project of jazz players Omar Sosa and Battista Giordano (a co-production by the Intermezzo per Calagonone Jazz association and European Jazz Expo). Sosa’s piano and Giordano’s guitar bridge the gap between Cuba and Sardinia, two islands at two different latitudes linked by surprising harmonies.

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article submitted by:Alessia Piovesan, BES - Best Events Sardinia