Songül Beyazgül

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Sakîna presents passionate and captivating songs from Kurdistan portraying life of the people in the Kurdish regions (Turkey, Iran, Iraq). Her voice and her lyrics are empathetic, expressing the suffering and melancholy of her people. Accompanied with traditional and modern instruments.
Sakîna combines regional styles of singing with traditional and experimental techniques; (she is) interpretive, contemporary, ever searching for new ways. SAKINA has a story to tell; the
timbre of her voice impresses and convinces and her life is further confirmation. Having grown up in a musical family, she was attracted very early by the mystical sounds of
her alevitic environment, followed by those of classical music, Jazz and Latin-America.
Sakîna began her career self taught, as an autodidact, before she received professional education and voice training.
In the 90′s she was a member of the Mesopotamian Culture Centre, a Kurdish artists association based in Istanbul but acting throughout all of Turkey. Its members suffered various reprisals by the government because of their Kurdish lyrics. Some of them paid their artistic dedication with their lives.
During this time she organized many (due to the government led forbiddance of the Kurdish language until the late 90s) illegal concerts, until eventually she was forced to flee.
She continued her work in Armenia, Syria and Kurdish-Irak.
Currently she is living in Vienna and Cologne.

Songül Beyazgül

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