Lorenz Raab: BLEU

Lorenz Raab: BLEU
BLEU - Strong Relation
BLEU Mirror


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special acoustic performance for churches
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  • country:Austria
  • style(s):Instrumental, Jazz
  • label:JAZZnARTS
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental
  • artist submitted by:Bigathing.very Special Music

Line up

  • Ali Angerer (tuba, electr.dulcimer, kantele)
  • Lorenz Raab (trumpet, flh., harmonium)
  • Rainer Deixler (drums, percussion)



NEW ALBUM summer 2013

(JazznArts, Mannheim)

NEW Live Option 2012/13
BLEU "SAKRAL" acoustic performance for churches and rooms with similar acoustic quality

In the ten years of their history, the interplay between the band members Lorenz RAAB (trumpet), drummer and percussionist Rainer DEIXLER, along with Tuba and Dulcimer player Ali ANGERER - has constantly evolved. On this CD (their third), the unorthodox instrumentation never gets in the way of substance- a compelling, highly transparent interaction that the musicians seem to be carrying out with the utmost ease.

From the outset, the uniqueness of this music becomes apparent. It does embrace the listener, however; the melodies are anchored in solid foundations that launch them into wide, recurring circles, thriving on both power and poetry. The ambiences are wide open, nothing is cluttered with unnecessary ingredients. The dramaturgy is diverse and enthralling without ever turning arbitrary. One thing coherently leads to the next, all in the spirit of highly entertaining sharpness and wit. And while all this does not require a proper revolutionary stance, we definitely are in novel territory, steering well clear of the mainstream

This is popular, highly plausible, non-verbose music that passes on cliches. Be it a dreamy ballad, an infectious groove or the mighty depths of a tuba line; doors are opened to new rooms that welcome the listener not as a stranger, but a dear guest who is in for constant marvelling. Lorenz Raab shines on trumpet and fluegelhorn, but he also excels at conceiving persuasive sonic architecture that are beyond compare. This aplomb is both touching and fascinating, and makes this recording something very special, an unexpected gem that keeps growing with every listen.