Dani Gurgel

Dani Gurgel
Dani Gurgel launching her new album "Nosso"
Dani Gurgel and the team on her latest CD with new composers
Dani Gurgel


Brazilian samba by composer Vinicius Calderoni
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  • country:Brazil
  • region:Southern Brazil
  • style(s):Brazilian, Jazz
  • label:Boranda Brazil
  • type:Solo, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:female
  • instrumentation:vocal
  • artist submitted by:Borandá Brasil

Line up

  • Dani Gurgel (Singer, composer)


Dani Gurgel is currently the first Brazilian artist to be part of the "Artist Share" label initiative, sharing the privilege with top jazz musicians such as Maria Schneider, Kurt Rosenwilkel, Ron Carter, just to name a few.


Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1985, Dani Gurgel has been professionally working on music and photography since her early teens. She was born in a musical family, with a saxofonist father and a pianist mother. Dani had lived most of her life on instrumental music, until her debut as a singer and composer. She was a saxophone player at Tom Jobim University's big band, conducted by Roberto Sion, and at Zimbo Trio's support bigband, even a bass player at Quincas, a composers' group with To Brandileone and Vinicius Calderoni. That's when she started composing her own music, during college. Even though she started to sing later, listening to Flora Purim and Chick Corea on 'Return to Forever', she has Elis Regina's strenght and Luciana Souza's instrumental voice as standards. Since the beginning of her musical career, Dani Gurgel has been developing her compositional work and aggregating her generation.

During two concert seasons in Sao Paulo, in 2007, the series 'Dani Gurgel e Novos Compositores' (Dani Gurgel and New Composers) not only introduced Dani Gurgel as a singer and composer, but made place for the union of young musicians with a common objective. During the series, Dani recorded an e.p. with four songs: one of her own, and three that were in the series. The album, known as the 'compact', wasn't just a rehearsal for the production of a future 'long-play', but a solid work, in times of digital distribution, that opened many doors. It is available for digital sales by Tratore.

Dani's compositional project 'Da Pa Virada', of songs composed with Debora Gurgel, won Premio Nascente (Universidade de Sao Paulo) in 2007, what resulted in a series of concerts around the state, on the university's campi, and an album, "Nosso", recorded using the financial help given to the winner of the prize. The album has, along with Dani's music, compositions by young brazilian musicians. Nascente Prize, organized by USP, has had winners as Andre Mehmari, Chico Pinheiro, Iara Renno, Fabio Torres and Nhambuzim, when they were students of the university.
Dani won the prize for popular music, and the special Tutoring proze, given to only one participant among all areas (music, theater, litterature, audiovisual, visual arts, design).

Produced by Thiago Rabello and Dani Gurgel, Nosso ('Ours') brings many songs that were discovered and grown during the projects 'Dani Gurgel e Novos Compositores' and 'Da Pa Virada'. Dani Gurgel's first 'long play', second album, Nosso has 15 different composers on 11 songs, all of them searching for a spot in the music business.

On her latest concerts, Dani Gurgel has been presenting it, along with some of her new compositions, including the lyrics for Maria Schneider's 'The "Pretty" Road', in portuguese 'Estrada Bela'.

In 2008, Dani acted as a curator and lead singer with Tom Jobim Orchestra, conducted by Roberto Sion, in a concert that presented the music of Brazil's new generation of songwriters. It included songs by Vinicius Calderoni, Cae Rolfsen, Rafa Barreto, To Brandileone, Leo Bianchini, Conrado Goys, Ricardo Barros, Dani Black, Breno Ruiz, Ze Edu Camargo, Michi Ruzitschka, Giana Viscardi and Dani Gurgel;arrangements by Debora Gurgel and Roberto Sion, conductor, and instrumentalists Thiago Rabello, Daniel Amorin, Debora Gurgel, Michi Ruzitschka and Andre Kurchal. This concert was created by Dani and Roberto Sion, inspired in 'Dani Gurgel e Novos Compositores'.

Dani is preparing a new album,also with producer Thiago Rabello, with the financial help of PAC (Programa de Acao Cultural), which is an organ of Sao Paulo State Government. The album will have the participation of composers considered 'new' by the simple rule of having one single album recorded, or none. It is expected to be released in July 2009.


"Nosso" - Dani Gurgel

"Agora" - Dani Gurgel