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  • country:Cuba
  • region:Caribbean
  • style(s):Son, Traditional
  • label:Kamaraco Sabroso!
  • artist submitted by:Bravo Culture Agency


A real discovery! Founded in 1982, Kamaraco is a phenomenon -from the smooth voice of its female singer to the rough and raspy sounds of the choirs, this small band peform with surprising naturalness and deadly rhythmic precision a wide number of traditional cuban songs that still enjoy inmense popularity today all over the world.

Though cuban traditional music can be an extremely broad term, Kamaraco focuses its attention on the music that sprung from the early cuban folklore and inspired a host of modern day formats and contemporary traditional cuban bands. From its rhythm to the dancing, Kamaraco does more that just sound great -it literally moves its listeners.

Kamaraco is a charismatic Sextet that, to use a cliche, hold the audience in the palm of its ‘hand’; this group simply mesmerize its audience and bring a standard of excellence to the genre. Although not quite fitting the category of pioneers, Kamaraco is coming to the mainstream and is sure to reside in the realm of legendary traditional cuban groups.

One of its mainstays is to continue to increase its fortune in the marketplace while still maintaining its spiritual base. Along the route to traditional cuban music finding a renewed popularity today, it seems evident that Kamaraco music is here to stay.
And Yes!, they can also experience the fusion between differents styles, mixing reggue and traditional songs with popular groups of rap and hip hop in Cuba.

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