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Mona Gadelha releases her fourth album, ”Salve a Beleza” (Save Beauty).

Latest album features brand-new songs and collaborations with Rômulo Fróes and Curumin.
The exquisite voice of Mona Gadelha is back. The Singer/composer from Ceará, who has dedicated her last two years to literary projects, resumes her partnership with Alexandre Fontanetti (producer of Ana Cañas, Bruna Caram, Luiz Tatit and Mona Gadelha’s 1996 debut album). Besides playing all acoustic and electric guitar sounds in the album, Fontanetti has put together an amazing band, which unites the talents of Curumin (Drums), Fernando Nunes (Bass Guitar) and Zé Ruivo (keyboards), in order to record eleven vigorous, nuance-rich tracks, which smoothly travel through Brazilian popular music and rock beats with aplomb and creative arrangements. Mona says, “After three previous albums involving a much greater number of musicians, this fourth album, which is the result of my great affinity for Fontanetti, was produced with a four-piece band, and the whole process was surprisingly quick and trouble-free.”
The outcome reminds one of the atmosphere of Mona Gadelha’s first album, her most authorial work, in which there was predominance of the same references combined with blues elements. Nevertheless, colors, tones and grooves sound quite modern. Existentialism permeates the album’s compositions, most of which composed by Mona herself or in partnership with other musicians. “Salve a Beleza”(Save Beauty), a partnersip with Fontanetti, is a very personal manifesto on our strange times. “Apenas Meninas”(Just Girls), with Moisés Santana, protests against child prostitution to the rhythm of a lullaby. “Não ligo pra Você”(I’m Not There for You), composed with Paulo Bira, is an irony-filled account of the end of an unsuccessful relationship.
Displaying a lot of confidence and personality in her choice of songs, Mona plays another song by Edvaldo Santana, whose songs “Sinal”(Sign), in her first album and “Ouvindo o Coração”(Listening to the Heart) from the album “Cenas & Dramas”(Scenes and Drama). This time she presents a rendition of “Sem Cena”(NO Scene), which was composed by Santana in a partnership with Ademir Assunção, a subtly ironic poem turned into a song of unrequited love.
From the multi-talented Fernando Chuí (musician, Singer, composer, and artist), who has also designed the cover of the album, Mona has successfully chosen “Estrela Morta”(Dead Star), in which she takes possession and subtly interprets the lyrics accompanied by the peculiar guitar playing of Fontanetti and the creative tones of Zé Ruivo on the keyboards. This mood, enriched by classic Jovem Guarda keyboards sounds, is also present in the track “Minha Casa é Você”(You Are My Home), by the composer Sylvia Patricia from Bahia.
In the balad “Ou Nada”(Or Nothing), by Rômulo Fróes and Clima, the psychodelic arrangement by Zé Ruivo, who once again takes advantage of different sounds of the keyboards, including the teremin, enables Mona to share this performance with Rômulo, in a duo that reveals the singer’s identification with the composer’s work. “Once I heard Rômulo sing that song I never forgot. Since then I have been waiting for the right time to record it”, she remembers.
The songs, “A Dor”(The Pain), “Sentimento Nobre”(Nobel Sentiment), and “Desolado Samba”(Desolate Samba), signed by the Singer herself, bring her characteristic razor-sharp, stunning irony, which she has already shown in “Cinema Noir” and “Crepúsculo de uma Deusa”(Twilight of a Goddess), which are her best-known songs. “Crepúsculo de Uma Deusa” was also recorded by Eliana Printes and was a big radio hit in Rio de Janeiro.
The final track of the new album, “Gol”(Goal), by composer Alvaro Fernando, has videogame sound effects in its melody and is a tribute to the great passion Brazilian people feel for soccer. It would be a good theme song for the 2010 world cup.
Mona released another album in 2011 - her fifth CD entitled “Praia Lírica – um tributo à canção cearense dos anos 70”(Lyrical Beach – a tribute to Ceará Music from the 70s), which is a voice-and-piano project with Fernando Moura.
Discography of Mona Gadelha
Mona Gadelha – Movieplay – 1996
Cenas & Dramas – Eldorado – 2000
Tudo se Move – Brazilbizz – 2004
Salve a Beleza – Brazilbizz - 2010
Praia Lirica - um tributo à canção cearense dos anos 70 - Brazilbizz - 2011
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