World Sacred Music Festival, Brighton

10-18 October 2009

Stella Chiweshe
Seckou Keita Quintet
Kartik Seshadri
Los Desterrados
Mamane Barka Ensemble
Marlui Miranda
World Sacred Music Festival, Brighton. Ansuman Biswas at the Chattri Memorial for installation by Red Earth.


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A feast of music from diverse sacred traditions. This year's theme is South, with artists from Africa, India, South America and Southern Europe. Highlights include Gypsy group 'Tekameli' from Perpignan, Sephardic band 'Los Desterrados', Zimbabwe's Stella Chiweshe, the Seckou Keita Quintet, Indian sitar virtuoso Kartik Seshadri and Brazil's Marlui Miranda. Plus the Mamane Barka Ensemble from Niger.