Sotho Sounds

Line up

  • Josepha Kojoane Chaka (One String Fiddle, Lead Vocals, Accordion)
  • Khothatso Ranoosi (Vocals, guitar)
  • Paseka Mohale (Percussion, vocals & dance)
  • Risenga Makondo (Drums)
  • Tankiso Pita (Vocals, Bass Guitar)
  • Tseliso Rantho (Vocals, Lead Guitar)
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    • World
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    not signed
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Friday 28/10/11 00:00 | Koncerthuset: Foyer Stage 1

Young Lesotho shepherds find a way of making scrap-metal sing and turning junk into fantastic funk.

Using nothing but throwaway resources, sheer determination and the spirit of their homeland Sotho Sounds have created a raw power organic form of roots music and a powerful identity.

Their inspirational musical creations and ability to make spirits soar landed them a debut tour to Womad UK and Australia in 2003 and more recent performances at Bush Fire Festival Swaziland in 2010.

Their story began while working as herd boys in the highlands of Lesotho. In their solitary time on the mountains, surrounded by nature, they became determined to make something out of nothing and began carefully crafting instruments from wood, tin, scrap metal, car parts and wire.

The result was a mini homemade collection of four-string tin-can guitars, metal one-string fiddles and oil-barrel drums. Fused with soulful vocals, whistles, pumping accordion and stomping gumboot dancing they composed, and created their own songs inspired by a variety of sources: gospel, township jive, hip-hop, reggae and traditional stories.

Visually, they are as spectacular as the highlands of Lesotho. Musically, they are genius masters of junk.

Support recycling, get down with Sotho Sounds and share their dream to take their music to the world beyond the mountains of Lesotho.


Sotho Sounds


Sotho Sounds


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