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Line up

  • Christophe JACQUES (vocal, guitar)
  • Myriam ESSAYAN (percussions)
  • Paul VALERE MARCHAND (cello)
  • Séverine SOULAYRES (vocal, guitar, mandolin, bodhran)


Trio Soulayres takes root in world music ranging from Buenos Aires to Dublin along with the Middle-East.An acoustic instrumentation (guitars, cello, mandoline, percusions) designs a powerful folk sound enhanced by poetic and committed lyrics and by the diaphanous and thrilling voice of Severine Soulayres which creates a unique resonance to this original and colourful universe.

New Album in March 2014 // "Love & Failures"
Compared to the debut album Native Land, the second opus of SoulAyres reveals a strong identity, sharpened in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of adventurous folk singers. Moulded and matured by three years of Native Land tour, the band explores rythms and melodies from all over the world, mixing them in a daring melting-pot, meanwhile Severine Soulayres's voice reaches another level in improvisation, to the delight of the listener.