"Flying Carpet" - Cairo Steps

first cooperation between the well known german quartett Quadro Nuevo and the Egyptian german band Cairo Steps
The compositions, mostly written by Mulo Francel and Basem Darwisch have therefore become an exotic, inspiring and enthralling sound experience. Songs such as “Shams” (Darwisch’s homage to the sun) or “Icarus’ Dream” (a greek inspired impression by Francel), or „Café Cairo“, which was dreamt up by Andreas Hinterseher before the journey, crossing oriental music with Viennese coffeehouse waltzes or Darwisch’s „Arabistan“, commenting on recent historical events in Egypt and connecting orient and occident. All compositions are sometimes grooving heavily, sometimes flowing fluently, but always in a universal language that reaches everyone.
“Although we come from different cultural spaces, we stand on the stage with full respect for each other as friends: We have the vision to build a bridge between the Occident and the Orient with our emerging music. Beyond the boundaries of time, politics or religion.”


Cairo Steps


Cairo Steps meets Quadro Nuevo


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Cairo Steps & Quadro Nuevo

Flying Carpet Project

Ikarus Dream

Flying Carpet Project

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