Cairo Steps at Cairo Opera House
Cairo Opera House - Main Hall

  • event type: Concert
  • start date: 17 Dec 2017
  • end date: 17 Dec 2017
  • time: 20:00
  • city/area: Cairo
  • venue:Cairo Opera House
  • country: Egypt
  • style(s):
    • World Jazz
    • Contemporary
  • event submitted by: Cairo Steps

Cairo Steps is an international sufi-jazz-world-music ensemble consisting of German and Egyptian musicians. Where after the great success the last two years they presents a concert for the Third year in a row 'El Moled wal Milad' which translates to two variations of the word birth. Since the celebration of the birth of the prophet Mohammed coincide with the Christmas celebrations.
Cairo Steps merges music styles from different parts of the world and combines traditional Egyptian and oriental grooves with modern jazz improvisation, classical music and electronic sounds. The music is influenced by spiritual ethnic music and sufi traditions and alternates between meditative sound escapes and strong unison rhythms. The result is a unique music style and an exciting blend of numerous cultures.
The band has played numerous concerts in Egypt and Europe with musicians and artists from around the world including performances shown on international live TV broadcasts


Cairo Opera House 2016


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Cairo Steps ft . Sheikh Ehab Ypunis


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