Achille e i solisti di Montemarano

Line up

  • Achille D'Agnese (voice, accordeon)
  • Beniamino Palmieri (accordeon)
  • Danilo Palmieri (tamburello)
  • Gianni Cantone (steel clarinet, ciaramella)
  • Margherita D'Agnese (voice, castanets)
  • Michele Cavaliere (tamburello)
  • Rosetta D'Agnese (voice, castanets)
  • Tiziano Granese (clarinet, accordeon bass lines )

ACHILLE is the legendary man who, along with his group, keeps alive Tarantella of Montemarano (the "mother of all tarantellas") and an exhaustive Hirpinia's traditional repertoire (Hirpinia is located in the mountain area behind Naples' hinterland). No fear to say ACHILLE stands for the essence of popular music itself: he is the brave ensign who brought traditional music to such a point of artistry that ancient rhythms and melodies now seem to be the result of a long experimentation in Southern Italian World Music.


Achille e i solisti di Montemarano


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