Giuseppe Moffa

Line up

  • Domenico Mancini (violin)
  • Felice Zaccheo (mandolin, mandola, battente, concertina)
  • Gian Michele Montanaro (framed drums, percussions, backing vocals)
  • Giuseppe Moffa (voice, guitar, bagpipes)
  • Guerino Taresco (acoustic bass)
  • Primiano Di Biase (piano, organ Hammond)
  • Vincenzo Gagliani (framed drums, percussions)

The new comet in the sky of the Italian World Music: a music that sounds like Vinicio Capossela and Tom Waits, mixed in a over-refined harmony panoply on which popular-like vocal flows with spontaneity. The songs hinge on the guitar and bagpipe virtuosism of Moffa that sings with his poetic and deep voice while tamburelli, violin, acoustic bass and piano/organ weave endlessly in a myriad of musical pearls. Welcome to the Italian true soul



Giuseppe Moffa


Giuseppe MoffaGiuseppe Moffa riding a horseGiuseppe Moffa


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