TARANTA NERA (Officina Zoè, Baba Sissoko, Mamani Keita, Sourakhata Dioubate

Line up

  • Baba Sissoko (djembé, tamani, n’goni, soku)
  • Cinzia Marzo (voice, flute, percussions)
  • Donato Pisanello (concertina, guitar, mandola)
  • Giorgio Doveri (violin, mandola)
  • Lamberto Probo (tamburello, percussions, voice)
  • Laura De Ronzo (dancer (on demand))
  • Luigi Panico (guitar, mouth organ)
  • Mamani Keita (voice)
  • Silvia De Ronzo (dancer (on demand))
  • Silvia Gallone (voice, percussions)
  • Sourakhata Dioubate (djembè, sangban, doundunbà, kenkeni )

TARANTA NERA is a wonderful spicy mix between TARANTA MUSIC from southern Italy and AFRICA's deepest soul (rhythms, melodies & moods from MALI).
Just put together some of the most important musicians on the whole World Music scene: a bunch of TARANTA MUSIC crusaders, the Italian group "Officina Zoe", than add giants like Baba Sissoko and Mamani Keita (the very soul of Mali) and then eventually add Sourakhata Dioubate from Guinea with its frentic rhythms... too much explosive even for you?
It's "TARANTA NERA" ("BLACK TARANTA"), the most incredible "made in Italy" contamination since ever, a sonic place where the Souths of World find a balance to create the new sound of the future.

Sabino Martiradonna (MARSAB Music Management)

Intl. Booking:
--- France & Belgium
Cristina Fina
LA STRADA c.fina@free.fr

--- Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland
Ken Day
D-TOURS (www.dtours.org)
Oestra Vaerlinge PL 42
231 94 Trelleborg, Sweden
kenday@dtours.org +46 (0)70 345 1031

--- UK, Austria, Czech/Slovakia & Hungary:
Ian Smith
Frusion Music (www.frusion.eu)
Mill Manager's House, Mill Lane, Cromford,
DE4 3RQ Derbyshire, United Kingdom
ian@frusion.co.uk UK +44 (0)77 91 69 98 89 Austria +43 (0)69 91 81 44 961


TARANTA NERA (Officina Zoè, Baba Sissoko, Mamani Keita, Sourakhata Dioubate


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Cu lli suspiri

A stunning Taranta song: the obsessive rhythm of tamburine and African percussions brings to an explosion of amazing voices in a trance climax!



This famous song was released in Baba Sissoko's

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