"Pathos Taranta" - Zimbaria

After almost 5 years of silence from last issued recordings (due to the death of Pino Zimba, founder of the group and living symbol of Taranta Music), Zimbaria released in July 2012 this masterwork that was hailed form the very first moment as the highest top Album of the genre.
PATHOS TARANTA brings all the "trance", the obsessive rhythm of Taranta, the Dionysiac orgiastic joy of getting universal energy linking people's body with Earth and Heavens... this is healing music, this is a ritual for happiness.
TARANTA MUSIC here reaches its best expression; this CD-Album will ever remain a corner-stone on the scene of Italian World Music.




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All the obsessive TARANTA rhythm in the 1st song of the CD.


Lassi lu segnu

ZIMBARIA opens every concert with this very song... starting with a call for the dead fellow Pino and going on the most obessive TARANTA TRANCE!

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