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A label specializing in Jazz, Folk, World and Classical music with more than 40 years in business. Caprice is a part of Statens musikverk.

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  • phone: +46 851955473
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company description

At WOMEX 2017 Caprice Records proudly presents two great albums. The band Urban Turban makes Middle Eastern versions of Swedish/International schlagers sung in Farsi, music that definately can be described as world music. Their album has received very good reviews, for instance in the Songlines magazine.
During the spring of 2017, flute player Göran Månsson, in collaboration with Emma Ahlberg, Patrik Källström, Karin Nakagawa and Martin von Schmalensee, recorded a new album with music inspired by Olof Jönsson. The commission from Svenskt visarkiv (The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research) and public record company Caprice Records is to make new interpretations of the old recordings and documented tunes.We are very proud to present the album Ol' Jansa. This is a border-crossing cooperation, with influences from different styles building a new music out of the traditional, giving a new identity to the instrument and its clime.
The musicians come from rock, folk, classical music, and jazz. We for instance get to hear the Japanese koto meet the Swedish Härjedalspipa in new versions of the old Ol’Jansa tunes.



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