Axel Bauer
  • country:France
  • style(s):Pop, Rock
  • label:Universal Music
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist submitted by:Caramba Spectacles


Axel Bauer's carrier starts in 1983 with a world wide hit called "Cargo". The story of a bad boy, all dressed in leather, The first video from Jean Baptiste Mondino. Soon after, the young man signs a contract with EMI england, first french artist to be signed by a internationnal record label. Roger Daltrey from the "who" covers "Cargo" as his first single in the states. Axel Bauer's first album "les nouveaux seigneurs" is out 1987, produced by Howard Gray (Scritti Politti, Simple Minds) and Dave Bascomb (Ters for fear) it is mixed by a young engeneer called Mark "Spike" Stent who's soon gonna one of the top of the world's most demanded engeneer-mixer. The ambiance of the album is dark and tourmented, the album is loved by the critics but doesn't get a big success. "sentinelle" the second album, with the rockin' hit "éteins la lumière" big success in France, brings Axel Bauer back into the light. A big tour starts for two years. His third album "Simple Mortel" will be out seven years after. Probably his best album so far, personnal and wild. Axel Bauer goes back on tour. 2001, The album "Personne n'est parfait" will give him two big hits, the title song of the album and the duet "À ma place" with Zazie. 2003, the first best of is out called "la désintégrale". In 2006 the latest album "Bad Cowboy" is out, produced by Daniel Presley (Breeders) Axel Bauer is now on the road again...