Often described as one of the most talented voices in the country, Jarle Bernhoft has built his career step by step. From small roles as a child on stage in the Norwegian Opera, via success with heavy rock and a record deal in Los Angeles, to his first soul influenced solo album, has his music style taken many bends and detours. Now it starts to materialise like a long, wide road with a distinctive character which is unique in Norwegian music.
On the 31 January 2011 he releases his second solo album, 'Solidarity Breaks', an album which shows the results of many years of hard work in search of his own voice.
For Bernhoft (born 21 June, 1976) there are no alternatives. Music has always been the most important part of his life. With the band Explicit Lyrics, who later turned into the more successful band Span, he discovered himself as a rock singer and slowly built up a reputation as a voice to be counted on in Norwegian rock. When Span seriously took off, also outside Norway, a mini fairytale in Norwegian music history started.
With Bernhoft's stage performance described as 'a giraffe high on PCP' and having once himself been called 'the thinking man's The Hives', there was certainly never any lack of pace and energy. Span was the hardest working band. Intensive touring extensively across Europe led them to a deal with Island Records in London, later with the American label Interscope Records.
When they released the debut album 'Mass Distraction', produced by Gil Norton (Pixies, Foo Fighters, Echo & The Bunnymen) in 2004, the future seemed bright for this four headed rock monster. However, Span played their last concert for a sold out Rockefeller venue in Oslo in October 2005. New challenges were waiting.