Theo Pas'cal


Theo Pas’cal is one of the new generation most talented and inspired Portuguese musician/composer/producers in the Worldmusic/Crossover area.
He’s been playing professionally since his 13 years old and has a strong background of tours in Europe, Africa and Asia as a solo artist, performer bass player and musical director.
As a performer bass player and musical director he already played in Festivals worldwide like: Holland – Showcase at Womex- World Music International Conference, Germany - Europaishes Festival in Recklinghausen and the International Africa Festival in Wuerzburg, Luxemburg, Holland- "Dunya on Stage Festival", Several Festivals in Cape Verde, Mozambique, Namíbia- "Warehouse Theatre", South Africa, Zimbabwe - International Festival HIFA in Harare, Angola, Arts Festival in Macau-Asia, etc. He also recorded several albums as session player or invited musician with Portuguese and African artists from Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola and Guinea Bissau (Sara, Ildo lobo, Maria Alice, André Cabaço, Eneida Marta, D.Kikas, etc) and in doing so he already had the chance to be directed by artists like Lokua Kansa-one of the most talented African singer/musician/producer in the world, working in France.

Between the years of 2002 and 2005, besides his 2 solo albums, he produced several Portuguese, African, Brazilian artists and was the mentor of 2 pioneer Portuguese programmes, supported by major international and Portuguese company’s, to discover new Portuguese speaking talents in World Music, African music, Jazz, Fusion, Fado, etc. With these projects he gave new talents the opportunity to record their music and play at big promotional events.

With only 27 years old he already achieved some great conquers like the birth of his own record Label and a publishing deal with the biggest independent Publisher in the world - PEERMUSIC. He was actually the first Portuguese artist to sign a deal with Peermusic.
His first solo album, released in 2001, Quamundo’s, received very good reviews from the Portuguese Press and international music community and also entered playlists in Portuguese radios like Antena 3 or RDP Africa Radio - the Portuguese representative of EBU and World Music Charts. “Mutebass” and “Different Moon”, two of Quamundo’s songs, entered the playlist at KDFA FM 94.1 Berkeley USA Radio in a World Music Program directed by Kutay Derin Kugary, the co-founder and program director of the San Francisco World Music Festival.
He’s also on the way of releasing in June 2005 his second solo album named MOTIVE. This album is receiving great reviews from producers in radios like BBC 3 – UK, his compositions are being included in play lists of radio programmes like AfroBase on Juice 107.2 weekly Sundays 4-6pm (Live at and club: AfroBase monthly Saturdays @ The Volks, Madeira Drive, Brighton, UK, Radios in Poland, Spain, France and USA. His second album was released in Portugal in June and is also dist in Spain, Poland and Cape Verde.

Theo is an artist with a world of different influences, and being so he could only make music full of impressions and expressions. The fusion is inevitable to him and afro rhythms present in his compositions are the result of his passion for mother Africa. The Jazz melodies, the groovy and strong bass lines, are all caracteristiques of his two albums.
Theo is definitely a live performer and it’s on stage that you fully understand and see his positive energy and feeling at work. Trough his bass, his main instrument, he can really speak his mind and pass his strong message of peace and understanding. It’s almost like the bass have life and voice of its own.
Quamundo’s, his previous album, and Motive take another perspective and climb to much higher emotional levels at the live concerts only because next to the public, Theo really expresses himself freely, and naturally his energy spreads around like a warm, peaceful and wonderful breeze.